How well lit is your home? Is there enough power supply? These are two questions that homeowners have to find answers to in order to live comfortably. The lighting should be appropriate and should illuminate the whole house while the power supply should be enough depending on the size of the houseand the number of appliances in use. This is what we specialize in, giving home owners solutions suited for their needs.

Power installation

There are many aspects of power installation. Some are electrical outlet installation, cable, phone and internet wiring, landscape lighting and alarm systems. All these have to be done correctly otherwise they will cost you a lot of money in bills and repairs. Additionally, if not well installed, they are a safety threat.

As your trusted professionals, we will therefore ensure that your house has proper power installation. We achieved this through our well trained electricians and by following the right procedures. First we survey your house and evaluate the type of wiring needed and the voltage required, next we get quality electrical accessories to ensure they last longer and then we proceed to installation. After all these processes has been carefully taken care of, we then we inspect the work done to eliminate any chances of electrical systems failure.

Lighting installation

Apart from doing power installations, we also specialize in lighting installations to brighten your house and tighten security. We understand the importance of proper light especially exterior lighting in terms of safety concerns. Bearing that in mind, we do install lights such as spotlights in the much needed areas.

We also do landscape and interior lighting in case you want to add a personal touch to your home. These kinds of lighting act as decorations for your house, thus making your place beautiful. From the kitchen to the ceiling to bathroom lighting, we work with our clients in order to capture their taste. Lighting installations for aesthetic purposes need extra care as you have to avoid compromising the safety purpose of lighting.

Furthermore, we can install alarm systems such as motion sensor lights to amplify your security. All in all, we do lighting fixture, and repairs the best way we know how. If your house needs an LED upgrade, we got you covered as well.

We will take care of your power and lighting installations. Our services are geared towards energy efficiency and security improvement with emergency lighting installation; proper wiring and rewiring, lighting fixture installations fuse board installations and electrical system upgrades. You can trust us to make your house feel like a home with proper and appealing lighting and at the same time, feel safe.