House rewiring is a major improvement for electrical systems. It results in improved energy efficiency, increased safety and up to standard home connections. Our electricians are fully equipped to handle anything from partial to full house rewiring. Rewiring is needed if your house is 40 years or more, when you need an upgrade, if there is faulty accessories and if an inspection suggests so. Rewiring ensures proper and smooth electricity supply which is a must havein today’s households. That said, home owners should know when to seek our services besides when instructed to do so.There are common signs one should look for and they include;

  • Outlet discoloration

While most switches and outlets still function, the discoloration of these surfaces is a warning sign that something is wrong. You do not have to keep using them in this condition until such a time it becomes a problem. The discoloration is caused by arcing and small sparks as a result of loose connections. The wiring within the walls can also be a problem, which can only bediagnosed through and inspection.This sign should not be ignored.

  • Frequent fuse blow out and circuit trips

If your fuse keeps blowing up and you keep doing repairs, you should contact our professionals to offer a permanent solution. Your circuit tripping most of the times could also be an indicator that your house needs rewiring. However, the problem could lie in one of your appliances. At the same time, circuit tripping and blown fuse can be as a result of worn out wires which can no longer handle the voltage flow.

  • Burning smell or buzzing that is persistent

When this sign shows, the safest move it to switch off the power to avoid electrical fires. You should then contact us to check where the problem lies. In most cases, a section of your electrical system maybe causing the problem and therefore needs to be checked and ifit’sa problemwith the wires, we will rewire them.

  • Dimming and flickering lights

One flickering bulb is an indication that the bulb needs to be changed or needs to be screwed in properly. However, if several lights are dim and flicker constantly, then this is definitely a wiring problem.

  • Electrical shocks

This is a safety hazard and should be taken with absolute seriousness. No matter how small the shock is, contact a professional to fix the issues.

Do not ignore any of the above signs. Do not perform the rewiring yourself as well. Get in touch with us and we will do a thorough and correct house rewiring.