Over the years, we have seen how devastating house fires can be. They burn down your properties and in the extreme cases, they cause loss of life. The risk factors of a house fire are many. Electrical appliances shorting, gas leaks and carelessness in handling fire during cooking.  Lucky for you, the state has come up with regulations to reduce these cases and we are glad to reinforce them with proper smoke and fire detector installations. Installation of smoke and fire detectors have helped reduce fire cases significantly and property and lives have been saved.

Installation best practices

For efficiency carbonmonoxide, natural gas and fire detectors should be placed conveniently around the house. Every room should have these gadgets installed. This way, if a fire was to start from the garage while you are in the kitchen, you can be able to take the right measures to ensure it doesn’t spread. Moreover, you will get to the valuable properties inside in time.

After installation, proper care and maintenance have to be exercised. The first tip will be to ensure that the detectors work. You can contact us for safe testing and inspection. It is a necessary step to keep your family safe.

You will also want us to check if there is proper wiring for those detectors connected to the power system. You need this when you move into a new house or after any major renovations. For the battery operated smoke and fire detectors, change the batteries as soon as you hear the loud chirping sound.

Ultimately, have your electricians come by every monthto do a full diagnostic of the fire alarms and perform any upgrades if need be.

Safety practices

As much as it is our duty to install detectors and ensure they are working correctly, it also depends on the steps you take to prevent fires. So apart from smoke and fire installation services, we advise our clients to;

  • Teach their children on fire safety – your kids should know how to behave if any of the alarms went off. If there is a fire, teach them to safely exit the house first but not to go back for their dolls and toys
  • Ensure you have turned off the gas- before leaving for work or going to bed, ensure that the gas supply is turned off. Most fires occur while you are sleep or away.
  • Any smoke and fire detector fixtures should be in good condition- have these gadgets repaired or replaced if they are broken or not functioning properly.
  • Do not forget to put the batteries back in the detectors if you removed them

Be safe with our smoke and fire installation services as well as taking the necessary measures to prevent fire disasters from happening.