Electricity is important to both commercial and residential buildings with most gadgets and appliances needing to be charged regularly. The same power is used to enhance security via installation of motion sensors lighting, alarms and carbon detectors. And taking into consideration the significance of proper installations and the magnitude of the damage cause by simple mistakes, we take our time on any electrical project. Our electricians are also qualified and thoroughpin each task. However, this is not enough. There the dynamics involved in the electrical projects for standard installations. But don’t worry, we have it all figured out.

For starters our team is passionate and highly trained for any type of electrical project. They are available when you or your construction company needs them. We believe in what we do which has led to the successful completion of rewiring, new installations and replacement projects.

Second, we do not do it alone. After all, there are many contractors involved in commercial and residential projects. Hence, we work with designers, kitchen fitters, architects and many others to ensure you get quality electrical services. If there are any home improvements done, we are contacted to inspect if the wiring and electrical system has been interfered with. Should the inspection unearth any kind of fault, we fix it immediately. This cooperation with other contractors speeds up the tasks and ensures that everything is withinthe budget.

Third, in all the steps, communication is key. We have a team that replies to your calls and emails answering your queries and helping us deliver timely services. Once our clients make a call about a certain electrical fault, our account manager immediately assigns electricians to fix the issue. We also come up with a plan on how to address various issues and therefore avoiding delays. Through an open communication channel, we are able to guarantee satisfactory electrical solutions to our clients.

Fourth, our services start from consultation. An electrical drawing gives clients and other contractors an idea of what isto be done and at what stage. The customers also get estimates after an inspection of the task at hand. The estimates depend on the nature of the job.

Last but not least, our services covers any and all electrical problem you may be having. Whether it is multiple installations, office rewires or warehouse wiring, we are ready to help.

Make the right choice by hiring us to be your electrical contractors. We are certified, registered and approved to offer our services.