If there is one thing that is most valuable is electricity. It provides power to operate appliances making our life easier. As such, your electrical systems should be reliable and consistent in providing power. We provide electrical services among them being inspection and testing. This step is very crucial as it exposes the electrical failures awaiting to happen due to faulty wiring and also helps keep your house updated.  Other reasons to seek inspection and testing services are;

  • To reduce property risks

One of the greatest risk is fires as a result of electrical issues. This is very common.  Overloaded wires, loose connections, misplaced wires and other electrical faults can cause house fires.  Another risk is damage to expensive electrical appliances. These faults should be taken care of as quickly as possible and a routine inspection and testing does so thereby minimizing the risks

  • Fix small electrical issues

The smallest of electrical issues are the ones that cause most trouble. They are often overlooked by homeowners or they just apply DIY solutions. Eventually, small problems such as wiring issues could lead to expensive repairs. Therefore, hiring licensed electricians to inspect your electrical system helps unearth these issues consequently offering a quick fix.

  • Improve efficiency

Inspections and testing also improve energy efficiency and in the long run, reduces your energy bills. Wrong-sized wires, worn out wires, inferior materials and overwired panels could result to a voltage drop hence affecting efficiency. Outdated electrical systems as well cause inefficiency and huge bills. That is why correcting these faults with electrical inspections is important.

Now that we have established the importance of having inspections and testing, it is also good to know when it is necessary.

For starters; such services come in handy when planning to purchase a home. It is absolutely necessary because the previous owners might have neglected electrical maintenance or even done many DIY electrical repairs.

Secondly, if your home is more than 40 years, inspection and testing is important as most of the wiring could be outdated. The wires could also be worn out therefore becoming a safety hazard.

Thirdly, you should have your electrical systems inspected when adding appliances to your home. Our electricians can determine if the voltage and breakers are adequate and if there is any extra installation needed,

Finally, if your house has undergone major renovations, it is recommended to inspect and test if all electrical components are working and safe.

In general, electrical inspection and testing helps to verify that everything is up to standards and therefore maximizing safety. Whether it’s testing smoke detectors, confirming grounding systems, verifying proper smoke detector placement and so on, we are ready and equipped to handle such inspections and tests.